Character Browser
Version: v3.6.2 By: Maudigan

Check out the new Leadership Ability page. Open it using the "Leader." button in the left-hand menu when viewing a character profile. It displays all your Group and Raid Abilities.

You can now browse the Barter Window from CharBrowser. You can access it with the "Barter" link in the header, or with the "Barter" button on the left when viewing a character profile. If you view it from a character profile it will cross-reference that character's inventory with all the items being bought, showing you just the matches. You can change/add the character being cross-referenced by adjusting the "Seller" field.

The LDON Adventure Leaderboard is now visible. You can see the generic board using the "LDON" link in the header, or if you'd like to see how a character stacks up to everyone else, use the "LDON" button in the left-hand menu when viewing a character profile. This will highlight that characters standing.

The corpses page has been redesigned with some new features. Each corpse shows as an avatar tile. If it's black and white, that character has been rezzed; in color means it needs a rez. If the corpse avatar shows as a gravestone, the corpse has been buried in Shadowhaven. If the avatar tile shows a round, bag icon, it means the corpse has cash or items on it. You can hover over these symbols to see a popup describing in more detail.

If you click on one of the corpse avatar tiles, you will now be brought to a detil view of the corpse, which shows you all the items and coin on the corpse.

There are also a handful of bug fixes and performance upgrades that should see improved page rendering times, particularly on the inventory page and any pages showing item popups.