The suggested levels are approximate based upon the levels of the majority of creatures found in the zone, and, except for the newbie zones, assume that you will hunt with a group. Most zones also have some higher and lower level monsters roaming the area, and can thus be selectively hunted at different levels. Follow the links to get more complete descriptions for the individual zones.

Zones are sorted following average npc's levels. If a newbie zone contains high level friendly guards, they count in the average level and false the sort.

Name 1-56-1011-1516-2021-2526-3031-3536-4041-4546-5051-5556-6061-6566-7071-75
Woods of Orome 1963177610
Halls of Mandos 102311
Pelori Mountains 17385110109100
Pastures of Yavanna 13223467
Tirion 392836271017
The Bazaar 173716268
The Bazaar 173716268
The Gardens of Lorien 71023334113
Valmar, City of Bells 867191060
Alqualonde 352284528
Avathar, the Land of Shadows 1215613
Shrine of Yavanna 7
Temple of Osse 21
The Corrupted Tree 23101817
Taniquetil, the Holy Mountain 115913